The 2023 ISUP Dublin Consensus Conference on Urachal Neoplasms and Glandular Lesions of the Urinary Bladder was a Great Success

ISUP conducted the first ever-consensus conference on the best practice recommendations on the pathology of urachal neoplasms and glandular lesions of the urinary bladder in Dublin, Ireland on September 8, 2023.

There were 77 participants in this momentous conference, consisting mostly of urologic pathologists, as well as urologists, oncologists, radiologists, and scientists from 19 different countries. The meeting was successful, having consensus agreement reached on 34 (89%) of the 38 proposed statements. The conference was divided into four working groups sessions that covered:

a) diagnosis and classification of urachal neoplasms, including criteria and ancillaries,

b) specimen handling, staging, and reporting of prognostic parameters for urachal neoplasms,

c) diagnosis and classification of glandular lesions of bladder and pouches, including criteria and ancillaries, and

d) molecular features of urachal neoplasms and bladder glandular neoplasms.

The conference opened with remarks by ISUP President Glen Kristiansen (Germany) followed by a presentation on the history of urachal tumors and honoring past contributing scholars by Gladell Paner (USA). Data was then presented by members of the working groups, followed by deliberations, and voting on the proposed statements. Among the salient topics discussed were the controversial staging of urachal cancer, diagnostic criteria for urachal neoplasms, nomenclatures (especially for bladder adenocarcinoma), specimen handling, prognostic parameters, use of immunohistochemistry in the differential diagnosis, and the value of molecular diagnosis. Henning Reis (Germany) announced the goal to have two papers of the meeting’s proceedings and statements published by early 2024. The overall chairs of the conference were Gladell Paner and Henning Reis, and the four working groups were chaired by Antonio Lopez-Beltran (Spain), Isabela Werneck da Cunha (Brazil), Toyonori Tsuzuki (Japan), Fiona Maclean (Australia), Hikmat Al-Ahmadie (USA) and Nadine Gaisa (Germany).

Following the day’s proceedings, attendees gathered for the evening’s festivities at the well-attended Grawitz Dinner at The Stag Head’s. This first official Grawitz Dinner at the European Congress of Pathology (ECP) was equally as successful with the attendees enjoying the camaraderie, festivity, and of course local Guinness, in one of the best-preserved Victorian era pubs in Dublin. The Grawitz Dinner was organized by Gladell Paner, Christian Gulmann (Ireland) and Glen Kristiansen in coordination with the founding organizers in John Srigley (Canada), Bret Delahunt (New Zealand) and Mahul Amin (USA).

The 2023 ISUP Dublin Consensus Conference on Urachal Neoplasms and Glandular Lesions of the Urinary Bladder

Welcome remarks to the international urologic pathologists at the Grawitz Dinner Dublin.

Urologic pathologists from different countries enjoying the camaraderie at the Grawitz Dinner Dublin.