Minutes Annual General Meeting 2020

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the International Society of Urological Pathology held at the LosAngeles Convention Centre, USA on Saturday 29th February 2020 at 6.30 pm to 6:55 pm

Present: Prof. Theo van der Kwast (President), Prof. Kenneth Iczkowski (President-Elect), Dr Jon Oxley (Secretary), Prof. Stephen Shen (Treasurer), and other members of the Society.

1. Call to order
The President, Theo van der Kwast called the meeting to order and welcomed the participants.

2. Apologies
Apologies were received from Lars Egevad, Laura Jufe and Arno Van Leenders.

3. Eulogy
Past-president Dr. John Srigley spoke a few words in remembrance of the passing away of past-president David Grignon. The eulogy can be viewed on the ISUP website.

4. Minutes of previous meetings
The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held in Washington USA on Saturday 2nd March were circulated to all members and are available on the website. These were taken as read and approved (SShen).

5. Reports

5.1: Report of the President
Theo van der Kwast addressed the meeting and gave an overview of last year’s achievements of the ISUP. Last year was a very productive year in terms of number of manuscripts written and several contributions of the ISUP to guideline development on Urogenital Pathology. Five manuscripts and an introductory paper reflecting the results of the consultation conference on molecular Pathology of Urogenital Cancer held in Washington DC in March 2019 were submitted to the American Journal of Surgical Pathology. A PDF of the presentations are available at the ISUP website for the membership. A draft manuscript with the consensus statements on prostate cancer grading discussed at the conference on grading of prostate cancer held in Nice in September 2019 is now in preparation. The conference in Nice was well attended and a novum for the ISUP in that for the first time attendants had to pay for registration in order to cover the expenses.
The President announced the installation of a David Grignon Excellence in Education award as a lasting tribute to Dr. Grignon’s outstanding impact on Urogenital Pathology teaching.
The president thanked the council for their support and input. He also thanked Dr. Van Leenders for taking over the Case of the Month management from Dr. Evans.
The ISUP website is one of the main assets of the ISUP (website manager Dr. S. Williamson) and the website is undergoing continuous updates to improve its contents. Finally, the President reminded the attendance of the importance to pay their membership fees in order to continue the Society’s activities.

5.2: Report of the Secretary
Jon Oxley explained that the Society was using a web based email system to send out emails. Some members have not been getting these as Hospital firewalls have blocked the emails. If members have been not been getting these please contact us but most have found that changing to a personal account overcomes this issue.

5.3 Report of the Treasurer
Steven Shen presented the Treasurer’s report. The Society currently has funds of $44,365.62 including the proceeds of the ticket sale of the Nice conference ($6,338.80). Anticipated expenses for 2020 is the stipends awards ($2000.-). This coming year will be focused on the review of membership status and dues status. A motion was passed to approve the Treasurer’s report which was accepted unanimously.

6. Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 16:55 p.m