Minutes Annual General Meeting 2022

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting of the International Society of Urological Pathology held at USCAP on Sunday, March 6, 2022 – 1pm

Present: Prof. Kenneth Iczkowski (President), Prof. Stephen Shen (Treasurer), Prof. Theo van der Kwast (Past-President), and other members of the Society.
1. Call to order
The President, Prof. Kenneth Iczkowski called the meeting to order and welcomed the participants.
2. Apologies
Apologies: Dr Jon Oxley (Secretary),
3. Minutes of previous meetings
The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held virtually on 14th April 2021 were circulated to all members and were available on the website. These were taken as read and approved (SS, KI).
4. Reports
4.1: Report of the President
The members of the council are the same as those elected in 2021, as 2022 is not a voting year.

Awards offered by ISUP: ISUP has provided support for pathology trainees through stipends for travel (although there has been no travel in 2020-21). Chair, Maria Tretiakova and 2 new assistants.

Recipients Rayan Rammal; Maiara Ferreira; Begüm Calim

Recognition of trainee research through the Excellence in Urologic Pathology Awards (since 2002): 3 recipients per year. Chair: Debra Zynger and 2 assistants

Recipients:Mohammed A. Alghamdi, Numbereye Numbere, and Jie-Fu Chen.

Koss medal: to be awarded at this meeting, David Bostwick
NEW David Grignon Excellence in Education award: There have been no applicants to date for this award, and we call attention to the criteria on the web site.

There has been more frequent updating of the website in the past year, with newsletters distributed (most recent one in February)
Value-added features for members:
New steep discount on Am J Surg Pathol and 3 other Wolters Kluwer family journals, either in print or online access, for members. 20 ISUP members have taken advantage of this
Pathologists in underserved countries get a 50% discount on ISUP membership and multilingual web-based offerings.
ISUP presents is a monthly webinar and has had up to 175 live attendees per program. Recent speakers include Drs. Sean Williamson, George Netto, and others. No session in March. April’s presentations will consist of winners of the Excellence Awards. Upcoming speakers after that, include Drs. Ondrej Hes and Jennifer Gordetsky.
A new Journal club that will review an AJSP article quarterly and make its access free (remove the paywall) for two months after the review is posted. This started with 2021 quarter 4:
Intraductal Carcinoma of the Prostate Extreme Nuclear Size Is Not a Diagnostic Parameter by Samaratunga, Hemamali MBBS, FRCPA*,†; Delahunt, Brett MD, FRCPA*,‡; Yaxley, John W. MBBS, FRACS†,§; Johannsen, Shulammite MSc*; Egevad, Lars MD, PhD
ISUP is an affiliated organization of the International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting (ICCR). We continue to be the partner for urological societies world-wide such as EAU, EANM, ESTRO, ESUR, and SIOG for guideline publications
Dr. Lars Egevad has put much effort into Imagebase, an educational self-testing site for prostate cancer grading and other GU organs. Dr. Van Diest (Department of Pathology of University Medical Center Utrecht) who will make use of Imagebase for his country-wide study on the impact of an e-learning module on prostate cancer grading.
Case of the Month. Those members who would like to share their challenging or educational urogenital pathology cases can contact the COTM editor Geert (Arno) van Leenders (COTM@isupweb.org)
Jobs posting site with its own tab
Research collaboration site with its own tab. At the moment, we have one posting, an ongoing prostate cancer grading study led by Dr. Scott Lucia (U of Colorado). Residents or fellows are excluded. We are particularly interested to add participants with <5 or <10 years of practice experience in order to get over 20 total participants. USCAP Companion Society event – virtual meeting (Convenors Michelle Downes, Joshua Warrick) this year will be Sunday, 20 March, 2-4:00 pm. “Diagnostic Challenges in Second Opinion Cases”. Speakers will review difficult cases requiring second opinion diagnoses in urinary bladder, penile, and testicular pathology by one American and two international presenters. Consensus Conference: “Current Issues In Bladder Cancer”. Sat. 3 Sept. 2022, Basel, Switz.: Drs. Theo van der Kwast, Liang Cheng and Lukas Bubendorf (Organizing Committee). A 10-question survey on bladder cancer grading is now being completed by European Association of Urology members. In parallel, we are asking as many as possible ISUP members also to take this SurveyMonkey survey which was sent to you by separate e-mail. Lastly, we resolve that members’ participation in any other society shall not be discouraged or interfered with. We encourage cross-over of participation in both societies' activities. 4.2: Report of the Secretary – Dr Jon Oxley

The Census process has cleaned the membership list form over 4000 to 1609. Thanks to all that have replied and logged in. We use the logging process to verify membership as well as paying membership fees so please log in regularly to maintain this access – this can easily be done by viewing the Case of the Month.
Council Elections will occur at the next AGM in 2023. This is a chance to get involved in the future of ISUP.
Thanks to Jonas Hornblad for IT support for the website which has seen many additions over the last year including the job listing section. If members have suggestions in what to add or improve on the website then email info@isupweb.org

4.3 Report of the Treasurer – Dr Steven Shen
Funds on hand as of 3/6/2021: $53,719.73
Funds on hand as of 3/15/2022: $76742.21 (-$7080 to be paid to AJSP) – with $54658.42 in the checking account and $22083.79 in the savings account

Expected major expenses (2022): Tax return, website update/maintenance, ISUP trainee stipend award, Zoom registration fee
Basel conference about $10000.

Membership payment status 1/1-12/31/2021, n=367 paying as opposed to previous year when n=201

5. Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at 2:00 p.m.

Dr Kenneth Iczkowski
President the International Society of Urological Pathology