Links to societies and networks of urological pathology


International Academy of Pathology (IAP)

European Society of Pathology (ESP)

European Network of Uropathology (ENUP)

Indian Network of Uropathology (INUP)

Brazilian Network of Uropathology (BNUP)

Latin American Network of Uropathology (LANUP)

Canadian Network of Uropathology (CNUP)

Taiwan Society of Pathology
English website:
Chinese website:

The French uropathology society (Club d’Uropathologie)
BAUP, British Association of Urological Pathologists

Links to other resources in urological pathology
Online urological pathology course by the AFIP

Case of the Week
from Dr. Billis

eLearning – Uropathology
Italian group of Uropathology/GIUP
an exhaustive collection of pathology links.
(Click on “Surgical Pathology”)
Bladder pathology web site WHO/ISUP
non-commercial website of uropathology cases for educational purposes, mostly in Spanish
The French uropathology society (Club d’Uropathologie)
Web-based virtual microscopy site for Gleason grading.
a web site of GU images

Atlas of Uropathology
An extensive atlas of uropathology by Dr. Athanase Billis, Brazil