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Multidisciplinary Consensus Conference on Precursor Lesions of the Genitourinary Organs

On September 12, 2024, the International Society of Urological Pathology will host a “Multidisciplinary Consensus Conference on Cancer Precursor Lesions of the Genitourinary Organs“, open to members and non-member clinicians and scientists in pathology, urology, oncology, and related fields, immediately after the 36th European Congress of Pathology (ECP), in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. This consensus will be in person, without a hybrid format.


This conference will be hosted at the Hotel Albani Firenze (address: Via Fiume, 12, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy). The hotel is approximately 450 meters away from the Congress Center, Fortezza da Basso.


The meeting objectives are:

Define established and putative precursor lesions of genitourinary organs

Refine classification scheme/terminology and diagnostic criteria

Provide recommendations for pathology reporting

Provide recommendations for ancillary studies and diagnostic work-up, including immunostaining and molecular testing in different clinical settings

Provide literature review to aid developing guidelines for clinical management


This Consensus will be Co-Chaired by ISUP members, Dr. Liang Cheng (Providence, RI, USA), and Dr. Glen Kristiansen (Bonn, Germany).


Working Group 1 | Precursor Lesions of the Prostate

Chairpersons:   Kenneth A. Iczkowski and Geert JLH van Leenders


Working Group 2 | Precursor Lesions of the Urinary Bladder

Chairpersons:  Michelle R. Downes and Maria R. Raspollini


Working Group 3 |Precursor Lesions of the Kidney

Chairpersons:   Sean R. Williamson and Holger Moch


Working Group 4 | Precursor Lesions of the Testis

Chairpersons:  Felix Bremmer and Satish K. Tickoo


Working Group 5 | Precursor Lesions of the Penis 

Chairpersons:   Santosh Menon and Antonio L. Cubilla


General questions: Katrina Collins  katcoll@iu.edu  and/or Nancy Greenland  nancy.greenland@ucsf.edu

Local organizers: Maria R. Raspollini, Alessia Cimadamore, Matteo Brunelli



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