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Consensus Conference on the Best Practice Recommendations on the Pathology of Urachal Neoplasms and Glandular Lesions of the Urinary Bladder:
Gladell P. Paner, Henning Reis, Isabela Werneck da Cunha, Hikmat Al-Ahmadie, Christian Gulmann, Toyonori Tsuzuki, Bas van Rhijn, Fiona Maclean, Nadine Gaisa, Antonio Lopez-Beltran‬‬‬‬
1. The consensus conference will be divided into 4 topics:
a. Diagnosis and Classification of Urachal Neoplasms, including Criteria and Ancillaries
b. Specimen Handling, Staging, and Reporting of Prognostic Parameters for Urachal Neoplasms
c. Diagnosis and Classification of Bladder Glandular Lesions, Including Criteria, Differential Diagnosis and Ancillaries
d. Molecular Features of Urachal Neoplasms and Bladder Glandular Neoplasms
Held in September 2023 in Dublin, Ireland.

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