Everyone who has an interest in urological pathology can apply for membership in ISUP. Basic scientists and clinicians (e.g. urologist, oncologists, surgeons) are also welcome as members. There is no need to have a recommendation from another ISUP member. You can pay your member dues either for 1 year or for  3 years at a time. The current dues are 40 USD for 1 year and 100 USD for 3 years.

Membership is free for residents/trainees in pathology, while fellows and specialists (staff) pay full member dues. When you apply for free membership as resident/trainee, you should state your current year of training. The exact length of a residency may vary slightly between countries. We count 5 free years from the year the residency started and then automatically charge full dues after year 5 regardless of whether or when a specialist diploma has been achieved.

For pathologists practicing in a country listed by the United Nation Income Classification as Low or Lower Middle income country, we are pleased to offer membership at half the full rate. See list of countries here.

Retired members can apply for a complimentary membership by sending a letter to the Treasurer stating their current age and retirement status.


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