Approved By-Laws, October 2017



Article 1.  Membership of the Society


  1. The annual membership dues of the Society shall be determined by the Council from time to time and are payable in advance. Members in arrears for two years may be deleted from membership by resolution of the Council.


Article 2.  Officers of the Society


  1. The composition of the Council of the Society is defined in the Constitution.


  1. All officers of the Society excepting the President and Immediate Past president are elected by electronic ballot prior to the Annual General meeting and will hold office for two years. The President and Immediate Past President automatically assume their respective offices at the Annual General Meeting.  All officers, except the President, President-Elect and Past President, may be re-elected to their office for a further full consecutive term.  When re-election of an officer is recommended by the Nominating Committee, a new nomination is not required.  No officer may hold any single offices or combination of offices consecutively for more than five full terms.


  1. Nominations of candidates for election to office require the proposal and seconding by Ordinary Members of the Society. Nominations are to be submitted to the Secretary in writing at least 90 days before the Annual General Meeting of the Society.  Nominations are then considered by the Nominating Committee.


  1. The Nomination Committee shall consist of the President, President-Elect, the two most immediate past Presidents who are willing to serve, and an Ordinary Member of the Society appointed by Council.


  1. The Nominating Committee, chaired by the Immediate Past President or nominee, will select at least one and no more than two candidates for each vacant office for submission to the Council for approval. Following the approval of Council, the candidates for office will be elected by the Ordinary and Emeritus Members of the Society by electronic ballot.  When two candidates are nominated for the same office a simple majority is required for election.


  1. The term of office for each of the officers shall begin seven days following the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting.


  1. Any office that becomes vacant due to resignation, indisposition, death or removal, may be filled by resolution of the Council.


Article 3.  Duties of Officers


  1. The Council shall formulate policies for the conduct of the Society’s activities and shall authorize disbursement of the Society’s funds for the conduct of ordinary business.


  1. The President, Secretary and Treasurer shall discharge the duties customarily assigned to these officers. All meetings will be chaired by the President or if the President is unavailable, the most recently serving of the Past Presidents willing to undertake this role.


  1. The Secretary shall;
    1. Maintain a central office for the transaction of the business of the Society,
    2. Prepare the minutes of any regular meetings of the Council and of the Society,
    3. Submit to the Council appropriate reports of business transactions conducted since the last meeting, and
    4. With the assistance of such subcommittees as may from time to time be constituted, shall arrange the Annual General Meeting and all other business meetings of the Society, and
    5. With the assistance of members of Council as needed, conduct the electronic elections of officers. In the case of a tie, the winner will be determined by a coin flip conducted by the President.


  1. The Treasurer shall;
    1. Transact the financial business of the Society,
    2. Maintain a membership list of the Society,
    3. Collect membership dues,
    4. Submit an estimated budget annually for approval of the Council and
    5. Produce a financial statement for approval at the Annual General Meeting of the Society.


Article 4.  Meetings of the Society


  1. The Annual General Meeting may be held in conjunction with meetings of other national or international societies of pathology and/or urology. Further scientific meetings of the Society may be organized by the Council.


  1. The Annual General Meeting of the Society shall;
    1. Receive reports by the President, Secretary and Treasurer.
    2. Report the results of the election of officers.
    3. Receive and approve the accounts of the Society
    4. Conduct any old or new business as may be presented.


Article 5.  Award Committees of the Society


  1. The Society shall award annually one or more prizes to trainees in pathology or in urological pathology. These awards shall be known as the stipend award and the Excellence in Urological Pathology award.


  1. The Stipend award is awarded annually to outstanding trainees in Pathology who have demonstrated an interest in urological pathology. The award is designed to allow the trainee to visit a laboratory to further their experience in urological pathology.


  1. The Excellence in Urological Pathology Award is made annually to the trainees in pathology or in urological pathology who are determined to have demonstrated scientific excellence through posters and/or papers presented at major international meetings.


  1. The number and financial value of awards in both categories will be determined annual by Council.


  1. The Society shall have two standing committees
    1. The Stipend Award Committee, and
    2. The Excellence in Urological Pathology Award Committee.


  1. Each Committee will consist of three Ordinary or Emeritus Members of the Society appointed by Council. For each Committee no more than two members will be domiciled in the same continent.  The chair of each of the Committees will be appointed by Council. Each Committee member will serve for a term of two years and may be re-appointed for a further term of two years.


  1. Each of the two awards committees will determine selection criteria and will make recommendations regarding recipients of the Stipend Award and the Excellence in Urological Pathology Award. The names of candidates nominated by the award committees will be submitted to Council for ratification.


Article 6.  Companion Meeting Convenors 


  1. The Council will appoint two convenors to oversee the organization of educational programs presented in the name of the Society at international meetings.


  1. Each of the convenors will serve for a term of three years and may not be re-appointed.