April 2016

19 April 2016


Dear ISUP member, 


This short newsletter describes some new development of The Case of the Month on our website. As already mentioned Andrew Evans has been appointed Editor of the cases. Andrew and our webmaster Anil Parwani have now set up a function for digital slides. We will still have jpg images but in some cases we will try to offer a link to digitized slides as an alternative. This has so far been done on the April case. Here is a direct link:


As usual you first need to be logged in as member of course. Click on the link NEW: VIEW WHOLE SLIDE IMAGE. This will bring you to a web-based tool. Thus, no need to download a viewer. You can magnify by double-clicking and also go to full screen. The full screen function does not work on Safari but you can still see the case. Firefox and Chrome are compatible with full functionality on both Mac and PC.


We have a panel of 25 members who will be expected to deliver cancer but we would like to emphasize that other ISUP members are more than welcome to submit cases to andrew.evans@uhn.on.ca according to the format that can be seen on the ISUP website (Case history, list of diagnoses for a quiz, microscopic description with discussion about differential diagnosis and a set of jpg images). Currently we have a shortage of cases in pipeline so contributions are really welcome! They can either be rare entities of educational cases. You may even submit a case that does not land in a definitive diagnosis just to illustrate how we can work up cases with ancillary techniques and how alternative diagnoses can be excluded.


All cases will be reviewed by Andrew and one of our team of 7 reviewers who will read and approve the contributions: Mahul Amin, Cristina Magi-Galluzzi, James Kench, Murali Varma, John Cheville, C-C Pan and Jesse McKenney.


We hope that this function will give you a lot of pleasure!


Lars Egevad

President of ISUP