Upcoming events

Below is information about upcoming meetings that include urological pathology in the program. Many of these meetings are scheduled at regular intervals (annually or biennially).

International Society of Urological Pathology Annual Meeting 2021
29th Annual General Meeting
April 15th 2021 – via Zoom – Register:


USCAP (United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology): The Annual meeting will occur Wednesday, March 14, 2021 and be held virtually.  This is one of the major pathology events of the year.

Future meetings:

Los Angeles 3/19 – 3/25, 2022

New Orleans 3/11 – 3/17, 2023

ESP (European Society of Pathology): The meetings are now annual and held in August or September.
Future meetings:

IAP (International Academy of Pathology): Biennial meetings (ie. every second year) in August, September or October.
Future meetings:

AUA (American Urological Association): Annual meetings in May or June.

EAU (European Association of Urology): Annual meetings in March or April.

SIU (Société Internationale d’Urologie): Annual meetings in September or October.

APIAP (Asian Pacific IAP): Biennial meetings.

Latin American Meeting of Uropathology: Annual meetings.