April 2021

Nephrectomy for cystic tumour.

March 2021

TUR bladder for urothelial carcinoma.

January 2021

Prostate biopsy in a 55-year old HIV-positive male.

December 2020

54 year old female with a 3 cm kidney mass

November 2020

36-year old male with a tumour of the testicle.

October 2020

85 year old female with history of recurrent low grade bladder cancers

July 2020

80 year-old male with a hard right-sided prostatic nodule

June 2020

69 year old male with a 12 cm multicystic pelvic mass

April 2020

57 year old female with a renal mass

March 2020

35-year-old man with painful scrotal mass