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February 2018

58 year-old woman with incidental renal mass

January 2018

16 year-old girl with renal mass

December 2017

31 year-old woman with renal mass

November 2017

49 year-old male presents with a 4.0 cm urinary bladder mass

October 2017

20 year-old male diagnosed with 21α-hydroxylase deficiency/congenital adrenal hyperplasia

September 2017

74 year-old man with prostate tumor

August 2017

61 year-old man with renal mass

July 2017

A 63-year-old male with prostate needle biopsy

June 2017

49 year-old male who presented with a right inguinal hernia and right testicular mass

May 2017

A 54 year old male with past medical history of hydrocele, presents with onset of bilateral scrotal masses and buried penis 6 months status post uncomplicated left inguinal herniorrhaphy. Sonographic imaging demonstrated skin thinking with underlying amorphous subcutaneous mass involving the scrotum, left > right, with compression of and atrophy of the left testis. Patient underwent resection of bilateral scrotal masses, which measured 21×16.5×4.5cm and 14x9x3.5cm.