Case of the month

The Case of the Month aims to share interesting and educational genito-urinary pathology cases with the ISUP membership. All ISUP members are cordially invited to submit cases to the case manager  ( using the available template (word document). Your submission is highly appreciated!

December 2023

65-year-old male underwent left radical nephrectomy for clear cell renal cell carcinoma

November 2023

74 y/o woman with 11 cm renal mass

October 2023

84-year-old male with haematuria

September 2023

75 year old man presenting to ENT clinic with necrotizing otitis externa

August 2023

87 year old man with right testicular lesion

July 2023

27-year-old female with well-circumscribed right renal mass

June 2023

36 year old male with renal mass

May 2023

47-year-old female with incidental bladder wall mass

March 2023

Nephrectomy in a 46 y/o female

February 2023

72 y/o man with a 5.3 cm bladder mass