Agenda Annual General Meeting 2023

International Society of Urological Pathology
31st Annual General Meeting

Room 228, New Orleans Convention Center

President’s Report – Dr. Kenneth Iczkowski

• Current council members started in 2021 including me. Vote held Feb 7. As of next month:
President: Glen Kristiansen
President-Elect: winner of election between Clare Verrill and Liang Cheng
Secretary: Jon Oxley (continuing)
– Dr. Sara Wobker will take over the ISUP presents webinars
Treasurer: Nancy Greenland taking over for Steve Shen
North American Councillor: Michelle Downes
Other duties: Travel award stipend: Dr. Steven Smith taking over for Maria Tretiakova
• Awards offered by ISUP: ISUP has provided support for 3 pathology trainees through stipends for travel (re-activated as of 2022). Chair: Steven Smith MD, took over this year, with same 2 new assistants. Recipients PUT IN
• Recognition of trainee research through the Excellence in Urologic Pathology Awards (since 2002): 3 recipients per year. Chair: Debra Zynger and 2 assistants
• Recipients PUT IN
• Grawitz dinner 8 pm tonight: organized by Drs. Paner, Shah.

Special Awards

• Grawitz medal: For contributions to the Society. To be awarded at this meeting, to Dr. ….
• NEW David Grignon Excellence in Education award: To be awarded today
• To stimulate education in urogenital pathology worldwide. Criteria:
• 1. Leadership: the personal commitment and vision of the nominee to create and implement an educational program in the field of urological pathology.
2. Scope and scale of educational activities: demonstration of longstanding contributions of the nominee to the education of trainees, medical practitioners and others including the public.
3. Innovation: the use of novel approaches to education such as interactive and web-based learning and teaching models for low and middle income countries.
4. Recognition: The local, national, and international acknowledgements of the nominee for educational activities.
• A sponsor must submit a nomination letter outlining the contributions of the nominee + two letters of support.
• Committee: Drs. John Srigley, Eva Comperat, Sean Williamson, and Sunny (Chia-Sui) Kao

Consensus Conference on the Best Practice Recommendations on the Pathology of Urachal Neoplasms and Glandular Lesions of the Urinary Bladder:

• Held September 8, 2023 in Dublin, Ireland. (European Congress taking place)

Gladell P. Paner, Henning Reis, Isabela Werneck da Cunha, Hikmat Al-Ahmadie, Christian Gulmann, Toyonori Tsuzuki, Bas van Rhijn, Fiona Maclean, Nadine Gaisa, Antonio Lopez-Beltran‬‬‬‬

The consensus conference will be divided into 4 topics:
a. Diagnosis and Classification of Urachal Neoplasms, including Criteria and Ancillaries
b. Specimen Handling, Staging, and Reporting of Prognostic Parameters for Urachal Neoplasms
c. Diagnosis and Classification of Bladder Glandular Lesions, Including Criteria, Differential Diagnosis and Ancillaries
d. Molecular Features of Urachal Neoplasms and Bladder Glandular Neoplasms

Secretary’s Report

• Last month we discovered that not all users of the membership were getting their e-mail. There are 2023 users, but the e-mail was going to only 1595. This was due to corrupt data and was fixed. We are paying $199/year for WordPress “WooCommerce” add-on plus 8 hours’ ($800) computer admin time (Jonas Hornblad) to fix the problem and make things easier in the future.

Additional President’s Report

• Value-added features for members:
• – Continued steep discount on Am J Surg Pathol and 3 other Wolters Kluwer family journals, either in print or online access, for members. 20 ISUP members have taken advantage of this
• – Pathologists in underserved countries get a 50% discount on ISUP membership and multilingual web-based offerings.
• – ISUP presents is a monthly webinar and has had up to 175 live attendees per program. Recent speakers include Drs. Antonio Lopez-Beltran, and others. No session in March. April’s presentations will consist of winners of the Excellence Awards. Upcoming speakers after that, …
• – Journal club that reviews an AJSP article quarterly and makes its access free (remove the paywall) for two months after the review is posted. In 2022 quarter 4:
• The Clinical Significance of Either Extraprostatic Extension or Microscopic Bladder Neck Invasion Alone Versus Both in Men With pT3a Prostate Cancer Undergoing Radical Prostatectomy. By Numbereye Numbere et al.
• – ISUP is an affiliated organization of the International Collaboration on Cancer Reporting (ICCR). We continue to be the partner for urological societies world-wide such as EAU, EANM, ESTRO, ESUR, and SIOG for guideline publications
• – Dr. Lars Egevad has put much effort into Imagebase, an educational self-testing site for prostate cancer grading and other GU organs. Dr. Van Diest (Department of Pathology of University Medical Center Utrecht) who will make use of Imagebase for his country-wide study on the impact of an e-learning module on prostate cancer grading.
• – Case of the Month. Those members who would like to share their challenging or educational urogenital pathology cases can contact the COTM editor Geert (Arno) van Leenders (
• – Jobs posting site with its own tab
• – Research collaboration site with its own tab.
• USCAP Companion Society event – virtual meeting (Convenors Michelle Downes, Joshua Warrick) this year will be Sunday, 12 March, 2-4:00 pm. “Current Issues In Bladder Cancer” from Basel, Sept. 2022”. Speakers will be from the working groups.
• Consensus Conference: Sat. 3 Sept. 2022, Basel, Switz.: Drs. Theo van der Kwast, Liang Cheng and Lukas Bubendorf. 4 Manuscripts have been written and are being submitted to AJSP.
• There has been more frequent updating of the website in the past year, with newsletters distributed (most recent one in February)
• Lastly, we resolve that members’ participation in any other society shall not be discouraged or interfered with. We encourage cross-over of participation in both societies’ activities.
5. Treasurer’s report – Dr. Shen
6. Secretary’s report – Dr. Oxley
• We have pared down our membership list based on those who have had a recent log-in and/or have paid our dues: from about 4500 to 2023 members. We will repeat the process at the start of each year.